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Welcome to ArcheryForBeginners.net, where we hope you will find all the information you need to understand the basics for archery. Our aim is to provide those looking at getting into Archery or those in the first few weeks of learning the fundamentals.


What is Archery?

Quite simply Archery is the art of propelling arrows at a target. These targets can range from Straw Boss’s to foam animals. In general the aim is the same, to hit the target. The only exception to this is Flight Archery, where the art is to propel the arrow as far as you can.




What are the different types of Archery?

gnas-fita-scoringTarget Archery is what you would see in the Olympics and is the only form allowed. Target Archery involves shooting a fixed number of arrows (also called a round) at a target over a specific distance. The target is circular and has coloured rings that have different point values.  An Archer would normally shoot 12 rounds (72 arrows in total) and the person with the highest score wins.

Centre Gold = 10     Outer Gold = 9     Inner Red = 8       Outer Red = 7       Inner Blue = 6         Outer Blue = 5      Inner Black = 4    Outer Black = 3   Inner White = 2   Outer White = 1



Field Archery is normally done outdoors in a woodland where you would walk between different targets and shoot 4 arrows.

These targets tend to be over different distances are often unmarked. This requires a bit of skill and judgement as setting your bows sight correctly is crucial.

Flight Archery is one of my favourites as it’s a little bit different. There is no target here, the aim is simply to get the arrow as far as possible.  The current record is 1871.84 M.


What are the different types of Bow?

Below, Sean runs us through both Recurve and Compound bows

Diagram showing the parts to a recurve bow

Diagram showing the parts to a recurve bow

Recurve Bows are the most popular; they are also what you would see at the Olympics. It’s made up of two limbs, a riser and a string. The riser is the bit that you would hold in your hand. The limbs are the flexible bits that attach to either side of the riser. The string is then attached to the furthest parts of the limbs.

Longbows. This is what Robin Hood uses. These bows are taller (about the size of a person) and are often very basic.





A diagram showing the parts of a Compound bow

A diagram showing the parts of a Compound bow

Compound Bows have a little bit more engineering in them. They have a levering system made up of cables and pulleys and the limbs tend to be stiffer.

A Crossbow is a horizontally orientated bow where its projectiles lay on a stock. Normally crossbows are not allowed in archery clubs for insurance reasons.


Well that’s the basics of Archery. Archery for beginners is here to help if you have any questions. We have also created a beginners guide to selecting your very first bow. This guide will provide you the the basic format for selecting the correct Recurve bow for you.

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